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"A Real Guide For All Men About Women... by Women!"

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practical guide for ALL men right from the horses mouth!"
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- "The 21st Century Guide to Love, Sex, Dating, and Finding That Special Woman!"

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         How do you find a woman, especially in the 21st Century? It's a question that has been plaguing men for centuries.

  Females are a delicate breed. Their wants, needs, attitudes, and expectations have all changed over the past few years. Nowadays you don't know whether to be a gentleman and open a door for a woman or to barge your way through first, so you don't get accused of being a chauvinistic, feminist woman hater! You can see the dilemma that bedevils all men.

  That's why we went right to the source to find out just what women want from men and how YOU can find the special woman of your dreams - no matter what your shape, size, or age.

         We put out hundreds of surveys and did numerous on the street interviews. We acquired answers from "real" women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and attitudes. The hints, tips, secrets, and advice revealed to you in this book - from many women across North America - are a result of those answers.
This eBOOK includes tons of actual "On the Street" interviews in the real audio and video format. You'll need Internet Explorer 4.0+ to fully enjoy the LOVE and SEX eBOOK and the multimedia extravaganza.

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Get the bonus eBook Dress For Success Free! In this Special bonus guide you will learn the secrets to dressing the correct way to portray the image YOU want others to perceive. Clothes are the greatest means of self-expression. The clothes you wear are a vital and important part of your self-image. Body language and clothes are the only two ways people can tell who you are BEFORE you speak to them! This bonus guide will help get you started and up your success rate when you go out to find that special woman. Remember, clothes reveal to each person you meet a little bit about who you are on the inside. Dress the best you can to give off the impression you're looking to portray.

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